Stephanie Howard is a upbeat, positive, God loving woman. She has been married to her husband, Joshua for eighteen years and together they have three beautiful daughters, Hunter, Jaelie and Violett.

She considers her top five accomplishments to be: Beginning her walk with the Lord, April 17th 2000. Marrying Josh. The privilege of raising three remarkable girls. God choosing her to have a softball sized brain tumor and through that writing her first book "Live Life Be Strong With God", to honor and glorify God.

Stephanie has a real passion for life. She is strong willed, bubbly and inspiring. It is evident in her life that she is driven by the Lord's direction. Stephanie has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities. From volunteering at Valparaiso Nazarene Church with the middle/ high school students, to leading a small groups out of her home, training with “World Vision” for 2018 Chicago Marathon, as well as experiencing her first international mission trip to Guatemala, Central America. She’s known by many because of her, Praise Me Some Jesus,” cheer…

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