What People are Saying:

“Live Life Be Strong with God,” is a story that show the avenues a person’s mind and heart can travel when tragedy strikes from nowhere. “Stephanie paints a clear picture of how resting in God can bring peace, but also that we must do so with intention!”
— Nathan Young
Stephanie is funny, engaging and kind hearted Jesus love! She has shown poise, strength and determination in a time when other would “give up on God”.
— William McElhaney
I received this book in the mail yesterday. Well, today I read the entire thing out loud to my family as we drove around from Farmers Market to pumpkin patch! Although I didn’t want to put it down, it seemed as if each stop was perfect timing, as my emotions were getting the best of me. This book will make each and every person want to be a better person all the way around!!
— God’s on your side. *****
Stephanie’s story is an inspiration to anyone who is tempted to ask “Why Me, God?” In all things we have a choice to either fall into self-pity or to see our circumstance as an opportunity to proclaim that our God is more than enough. Stephanie chooses joy every day and because she does, many are blessed. In “Live Life Be Strong with God,” Stephanie tells her story with an honest transparency that gives God glory and give her readers hope.”
— Pam Anderson
“Stephanie’s story of overcoming the most difficult challenge through faith and trust is undeniably inspiring. I an truly blessed to have seen God’s plan at work through her extraordinary journey.”
— Dr. Scott Carlson,O.D
This book will change how you think about your everybody life. The author takes you on a journey of the trial and tribulations of dealing with the uncertainty of a serious medical condition. The way she express her thoughts and wisdom throughout the book will definitely make you take a different look on how you currently live you everyday life. A positive and uplifting story...
— James Ford
This book was filled with many emotions communicated in her story as she battles through many ups and downs with her family as they learn first-hand to deal with a serious medical brain tumor. God uses small people to do mighty things! It’s inspiring and touching and will truly be a blessing to you as you read. God bless you!
— God’s in control. Touching and uplifting. *****